Caretaker Period

In this essential Caretaker Period course, gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate Victorian local council elections. Delve into the critical aspects of the caretaker period, including its purpose, duration, and implications for councils and candidates. By understanding and adhering to these vital regulations, you will contribute to ensuring a fair, neutral, and transparent election process for all involved
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The Caretaker Period course is designed to provide comprehensive guidance for local government employees, candidates, and other stakeholders involved in Victorian local council elections. This course explores the essential aspects of the caretaker period, including its purpose, duration, and implications for councils and candidates. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the restrictions and obligations during this critical time, enabling them to navigate the election process confidently and effectively while upholding the principles of fairness, neutrality, and transparency.

Key topics covered in this course include:

1. Introduction to the caretaker period: Definition, purpose, and importance in the context of local council elections.

2. Duration of the caretaker period: Explanation of when it begins and ends, as specified in the Local Government Act 2020 (Vic).

3. Council operations during the caretaker period: Overview of the restrictions on council activities, such as major policy decisions and contractual commitments.

4. Role of council staff: Guidelines for maintaining political neutrality and providing equal support to all candidates during the caretaker period.

5. Use of council resources: Rules and limitations on the use of council resources, including facilities, equipment, and communication channels, to ensure fairness and avoid any perceived advantage for incumbent candidates.

6. Election campaigning during the caretaker period: Advice for candidates on adhering to the caretaker provisions while actively campaigning.

7. Monitoring compliance and handling potential breaches: Outline of the Victorian Electoral Commission’s role in monitoring compliance and guidance on addressing and reporting any potential breaches of the caretaker period requirements.

By participating in the Caretaker Period course, you will be well-prepared to contribute positively to the democratic process, foster a level playing field for all candidates, and ensure a fair and transparent local council election.


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This course offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and navigating the caretaker period during Victorian local council elections. Participants will learn about the purpose, duration, and implications of the caretaker period, as well as the restrictions and obligations for councils and candidates. By mastering these essential aspects, participants will contribute to ensuring fair, neutral, and transparent elections.

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