Turn dissatisfaction into action

Its time to declare independence from a system that no longer serves the people.

Get in on the ground floor of independent campaigns that need talented and passionate volunteers. 

You’ll connect with real people, learn new skills, and make a real impact in your community.

Join us as we reshape the future of local councils, one independent councillor at a time!


I Want To Make A Lasting Impact

I'm ready to get Involved

What will I do?

Whatever you can do!

  • Help us to grow our cause
  • Start forming community support teams per municipality
  • Identify local issues

Help with your creativity!

  • Make memes, info graphics or campaign images
  • Put your passions into making people matter more than money!

Connect and make friends

  • Join a community of change makers
  • Make friends and change your community!

Real action = real electoral results

Join our Fast Action Team – a collective of dedicated volunteers harnessing the collective strength of our movement to support people-powered candidates during their most important election sprints with all the support we can offer.

Benefits of volunteering

Level Up

Learn new skills, from grassroots campaigning to cutting-edge AI tools.


Connect with a broad spectrum of professionals, from political analysts to independent candidates

Fun Perks

Access to exciting merch, exclusive events and workshops, spotlight features, and more!

Real Impact

We won’t waste your time. Take simple, meaningful action that will put your local council back on track.

Coming Soon

Community Notice Boards

The community for independents

Eager to dive right in,  join our Notice Board now and engage in our lively online community.


Whether you’ve 2 minutes or 2 years – we’ve got a way for you to make a difference that fits your busy schedule and lifestyle! By volunteering for a few minutes per week from the comfort of your own home, you can amplify our message and help us challenge the stale two-party narrative.

NO! Our cheeky name is a subtle jab at the two major parties and also captures the fun spirit of our organisation. Think of us as the platform and the movement for all independents  across the political spectrum. We value having a meaningful way to make a change!

Absolutely! While we have activities and volunteer opportunities in some areas with elections coming up, most of our ways to get involved and support our mission there  are remote opportunities or virtual activities, so there is no need to change out of your pajamas!

Whoever you want! Together Unity will support a wide range of candidates, and while it’s unlikely that you’ll agree with all of them, there will certainly be those you are inspired by and will want to support. Occasionally, we also spotlight specific candidates who need your help. If you want to see more people-powered candidates who you agree with get elected, they need your help! The two parties have big money on their side, but we’ve got grassroots!

Absolutely! Taking civic action, whether in an official role in our community or not, provides a great experience that you can speak to when applying for future opportunities. Volunteering is a useful way to build new skills and leadership experience that can fast-track your career.

Not at all, and that’s what makes it so interesting! As long as you respect everyone else and their views, we believe people are good and embrace diverse perspectives as a strength.

Not at all. We understand that getting involved in the political world can be intimidating and feel very gatekeep-y. Together Unity is actually the ideal place for someone tiptoeing into civic engagement for the first time, and we’ll make you feel welcome.

Not here! Together Unity was created exactly because politics is so messed up. We are all about bringing a change to local council and not just talking about things but actually creating results and growing our movement. We’re here to make a change !

If independent candidates are running in your area, there will be opportunities for you to get involved! Check out our list of candidates here to find out if any are running in your neck of the woods.

Sign up here to get involved and one of our community team can contact you. 

Volunteer and help independent candidates WIN!

Use your skills for good

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